Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fabric Scrapes

I always have fabric scrapes and I think the fabric is either too cool, cute or nice to throw away but I think I have come up with a good solution...fabric bracelets. So easy to make and the pattern is just a few squares.

I made a bunch for the holidays and it didn't take long at all. Just cut out a 3" by 6" piece of fabric. This will be the top of the bracelet, so pick something flashy or fun. Then cut four 3"x 3" and one 2.5" x 10" for the contrast/lining. I picked a silky black polyester fabric with 5% spandex, so that it would be more comfortable to wear. Don't forget to cut out interfacing. I used a fusible, stretch interfacing.
1. Sew the 3x3 pieces to the main fabric on the width edges.
2. Sew the 2.5" x 10" to the main fabric/contrast fabric on the length side edges.
3. Flip the bracelet to the right side and finish the edges with bias tape.
4. Add a snap to the edge of the bracelet.
5. Place on wrist and tell all your friends you made it.

This is how mine turned out...