Monday, June 29, 2009


Who doesn’t love taking a bath and putting on some silky lingerie afterwards, which is why you should take note of this new & upcoming line in fine lingerie, Zephyr. It was created by Kristine Carlton and Jenny Mae Miller Rulff and what started as a final line project in school became a business.

Before starting fashion school at Seattle Central Community College, Jenny Mae was sort of “anti-fashion,” but after taking an art history class was hooked on it. Kristine received a dance degree and realized the second that she had it in hand that “sewing was [her] first love” and quicly enrolled into the apparel program. They met at Seattle Central and after many conversations wrote a proposal to do their final project together, which would be a Hollywood glamour inspired loungewear collection for women between the ages of 40 to 60 years old. They “wanted to design for women with real shapes, women who want something nice to slip into at the end of the day, who have a respect for fine things, things of quality, which is how [their] customer sees herself as well, 'of quality'.”

Currently, they are “working with a local boutique on a small private label line of knit tops and hope [to] expand that small line into other small boutiques nationwide”. As well, they have “a small spin-off line from [their] final line” that will be available for sale to boutiques for Spring 2010. Their fabrications are made from Pima cotton, Silk crepe, and a printed silk/cotton batiste. Jenny Mae remarked about this spin-off, “The colors are black, white, and silver, and the designs are a little bit more wearable than the final line, more undergarment-y, nightgown-y, morning coffee-y.” Samples are set to be available by August 1, and all inquiries are welcome!

Their company name pretty much sums up their line. As Kristine stated, “Zephyr literally means a soft, gentle breeze and/or a light, airy garment, it has a very classic sound and feel to it, and it is entirely perfect!” I couldn’t agree more!
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Photo Credits: Steve LaRose Photography

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