Monday, July 13, 2009

Belmont Manor

Belmont Manor is a student collection by Becky Sullivan. Her line included "fully lined jackets, silk blouses, tailored pants and feminine skirts" and was inspired by 18th century riding clothes and wealth, but with a modern twist that can be seen in her exaggerated hoods and collars on the jackets. The jackets were made from 100% wool; the blouses, 100% silk; and the pants from a wool/spandex blend. When she was done with her line and the buttons were tallied up, so had a whooping total of 84 buttons!

Not only did Becky have a great line, she was also the winner of the Seattle Fashion Week student competition this past year. She had to create 8 garments in 2 weeks which included sketching, patterning and sewing, and had to keep up with her normal school load which may seem daunting to many (like me), but she thought the thrill of seeing her "garments go down the runway was worth all the time and effort." Lucky for New York, she will be moving there in August to pursue her fashion career. Yay!

Still want to know more! Visit Becky at her website or read her blog.

Photographer: Celie Gruber
Model: Alana Osborne

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