Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It’s about that time of the year that people start taking vacations. Many experience the beautiful scenery, exotic foods, and unfortunately the wrinkled clothes and the lack of a laundry mat, but Monica Jackins, a frequent traveler, developed a line around this with Wanderlust. Her versatile dresses are made from Organic Bamboo, “a readily available renewable resource.” It’s a super soft fabric and has naturally occurring anti-microbial properties which are “great for keeping your clothes fresh when you can’t wash them on the road.” Did I also mention they were wrinkle-free?!

To go one step further she made each dress versatile. The dresses can be worn both in the day and night & be worn in many different ways. Monica remarked about all three dresses, “the Barcelona dress has an adjustable hemline, so you can show a little or a lot of leg, and the Roma dress has a shawl attached at the waist. You can use it to cover your shoulders, tie it around your waist as a sash, or make it one-shouldered for a cool asymmetrical look. The third dress, Praha, is totally reversible, two dresses in one!” The Roma dress was inspired by her personal travel experience. She explained, “When I was in Rome a couple years ago, it was so hot outside, but the minute you went inside a museum the air-con was freezing! Or when I visited a church I had to make sure my shoulders were covered.”

Monica is still developing her line and hopes to add “a couple skirts and tops.” When asked how she stays focused, she recommends listening to a good playlist to “keep the energy up.” Her personal favorites: "Poppin My Collar" by Three 6 Mafia, "Whatever You Like" by T.I., "We Be Clubbin'" by Ice Cube, the new Keri Hilson, and of course anything Sir Mix-a-Lot. Thanks, Monica!

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