Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jenna say, "quoi."

Many of us know a few french phrases, but everyone should know, Jenna say, "quoi," a collection by Jenna Howard. A little play on words, but a whole lot of style. She recently attended the Apparel Design program at Seattle Central and focused her final line on coats for "a busy but chic urban woman." She got her inspiration from "the classic urban work-a-day look" and from women of the 60's & 70's like Audrey Hepburn and Jane Birken. While many of the students were during dress and skirts, Jenna choose coats because she gets overwhelmed by choice and "needed to give [her]self parameters." Also she is a "total coat fiend" and even though she has a closet full of coats, none of them are quite right. There's that saying, "If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself."

Her coats were made from a brushed cotton khaki twill that is amazingly soft. Her lining, made from a silk charmeuse, "had a large black and white feather repeat" and was used "strategically in each coat to make every piece unique." One of your coats had a completely detachabe capelet
with a cloak hood!

Although her apparel program was in Seattle, she flew to Los Angeles to get her fabric because as she said "everything was cheap and at my fingertips. All the fabric in the garment district is within a few blocks. It's a bunch of open front stores with fabric bursting out of them. I actually found everything I needed within two hours. That NEVER happens in Seattle. I couldn't even find a decent cotton sateen."

After finishing her student collection, she now has "no desire to design more coats," but is really getting into underwear and hope to start developing it soon. She have the same driving force and underlying mantra for the underwear as she did for her coats: "luxurious, beautiful, hip but FUNCTIONAL." So keep an eye out her!

Jenna's Tip of the Week:
"My driving force for life is to be happy and stress free. I think it's backwards to pick something you want to do, say a career, and assume that it will lead you to happiness. I'm trying things the other way around and am curious to see where it takes me.
Sewing tips: Don't forget to sew the label in before you sew the seam; I forget EVERY TIME. "

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