Sunday, July 19, 2009

NYC shopping

When packing my suitcase for my month long trip to New York, I told myself to leave room because it is inevitable that I would go shopping in New York & I have done exactly that. This weekend, I went into Top Shop which was a mad house. The music was blaring and the crowds are insane, but I found a pair of shoes for $10 (and if you flash your student ID, you get an additional 10% off!). Not bad!

After leaving Top Shop, my roommate & I strolled along Broadway in Soho and saw some re-occurring trends. The first being cropped tees. The length of tees is always going up and down and now they're short, which is great is you have a toned belly, so start working on those sit-ups.

The second being's everywhere. Lace tops, tights, dresses, vest and shirts. It's definitely bringing me back to my youth when lace was all the rage.

Lastly, beaded jewelry. I actually bought a pair at H&M and it reminded me of a pair I looked at in Seattle which were amazing. I saw them at my friend, Perla's accessory and clothing sale. They are made in sayulita mexico by the Huichol Indians, a group of people with a strong history of beading and embroidery. I pretty much love them!
Earring photo credit: Perla Sitcov

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